Belgian Government Compliant Digital Certificates

Introducing GlobalSign’s PersonalSign 3 Pro

Securely Authenticate to Belgian Online Government Services.

GlobalSign’s PersonalSign 3 Pro is a class-3 Digital Certificate issued to individuals representing organizations looking to access Belgian Online Government Services such as electronic VAT and any online declarations and filing of electronic accounts.

PersonalSign 3 Pro certificates offer the highest level of trust and functionality and comply with all requirements from the Belgian Government.

GlobalSign PersonalSign 3 Pro Certificates can also be used to:

  • Secure Microsoft Office documents to protect their integrity and provide assurances of authorship to their recipients.

PersonalSign 3 Pro

From 100 €/year

Ownership of email address plus class 3 level of identity assurance of person plus assurance of Organization existence

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Online Services Available:

  • National Bank – filing of company accounts and statistical online reporting
  • VENSOC – corporate tax declaration
  • DIMONA – employment declaration
  • DMFA – National Social Security Office declaration
  • ASR – social risk declaration
  • DMFAppl – National Social Security Office for local and provincial administration declaration
  • GOTOT – Use eBox, social security documents overseas temporary employment
  • BELCOTAX on Web

How to Get Your GlobalSign’s PersonalSign 3 Pro for Belgian Online Government Services:

  • 1

    Order your Certificate

  • 2

    Approve your order

  • 3

    Get authenticated with your local authority

  • 4

    Submit your documents to GlobalSign

  • 5

    Get your Certificate

The authentication process requires your physical presence at a local authority. This will depend on your location:

For Belgium

Go to Chambers of Commerce and contact the relevant region.

For the Netherlands

Please visit
Phone: +31 182 763058

For Germany

Please visit, our GlobalSign local partner Wiesinger, to learn more about how to identify using the POSTINDENT procedure.

Or visit the following link:

For any other region

Please refer to a practicing lawyer.

For full instructions on how to apply for a PersonalSign 3 Pro or explanations on the validation process, please consult our User Guide.

For full instructions on how to apply for a PersonalSign 3 Pro or explanations on the vetting process, please consult our User Guide or Video. 

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