Secure Your Code

Digitally sign your code to increase user trust and download rates

  • Remove unknown publisher security warnings
  • Protects software from tampering and malware injection
  • Sign Authenticode, Oce VBA, Adobe AIR, Mozilla, Mac OS

Start Securing Your Code

You need a Code Signing Certificate to digitally sign your code. Pricing depends on the level of verification and the amount of information contained in the certificate.

Standard Code Signing

From / year
  • Compatible with major platforms
  • Company identity in certificate
  • Removes "unknown publisher"
  • Security Warnings

Token Implementation

- Key storage on USB or other hardware storage token, provided by customer

HSM Implementation

- Key storage on HSM or Azure Key Vault, provided by customer

Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing

From / year
  • All features of standard Code Signing
  • Company name, address, and type included in certificate
  • Supports registration for Windows Hardware Developer Center

Token Implementation

- Key storage on USB token, provided by GlobalSign

HSM Implementation

- Key storage on HSM or Azure Key Vault, provided by customer

Please ensure to order your certificate from the Region where the company in the certificate is based, and with the correct currency. If your certificate request upon ordering does not match these criteria, your order may risk being delayed, and/or not being processed.

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Why should you digitally sign your code?

Code Signing Certificates are used by developers on all platforms to digitally sign the applications and software they distribute over the Internet. Code Signing essentially provides the same assurance as a shrink wrapped CD – the signed code includes the name of the publisher and assurance that the code hasn't been tampered with since being published. Anyone downloading software off of the internet can make a decision whether or not to trust the software.

  • Digitally Sign Emails

    Prove authorship and prevent tampering, assuring the email recipient that the email came from you, not an imposter and that the content of the email has not been altered in transit.

  • Encrypt Emails

    Ensure your message can only be opened by the intended recipient, protect emails in transit and at rest, and keep sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands

Digitally Sign Across Multiple Platforms with One Certificate

Why choose GlobalSign for Code Signing?

Unlimited Signing Capabilities

Sign as many applications as needed with no additional fees.

Sign Multiple Platforms

Digitally sign Authenticode, Office VBA, Adobe AIR, Mozilla, Mac OS with one certificate.

Industry-leading local language support

GlobalSign has offices worldwide offering local language customer support and account management.

Long Term Validity

Timestamping is included and recommend allowing for long term validity, meaning the signature on code does not expire what the certificate expires.

Prevent Security Warnings & Increase Downloads

Digitally signing code prevents users from abandoning the installation process by removing alarming security messages that accompany unsigned code.

What customers are saying

Outstanding service

My interaction for about a week with GlobalSign has been very pleasant. Response of your executives was quick and positive and delivery of service was outstanding. Thanks for your support.

Mohan Lal Hirwal, 05/15/2018

Michael Trotta Rocks

I'm pretty sure Michael Trotta is plugged directly into your service, via some cybernetic contraption that you have yet to patent. I really sppreciate his candor, and the speed of his responses!

Daniel Kloepfer, 12/05/2019

Easy to Understand

The process and instructions have been made easier to understand with the step-wise instructions and FAQs, especially those, like me, without access to an IT department.

Dietrich Bartel, 07/08/2019

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