Belgian Government Compliant Digital Certificates

Introducing GlobalSign’s PersonalSign 3 Pro

Securely Authenticate to Belgian Online Government Services.

GlobalSign’s PersonalSign 3 Pro is a class-3 Digital Certificate issued to individuals representing organizations looking to access Belgian Online Government Services such as electronic VAT and any online declarations and filing of electronic accounts.

PersonalSign 3 Pro certificates offer the highest level of trust and functionality and comply with all requirements from the Belgian Government.

GlobalSign PersonalSign 3 Pro Certificates can also be used to:

  • Secure Microsoft Office documents to protect their integrity and provide assurances of authorship to their recipients.

PersonalSign 3 Pro

From 100 €/year

Ownership of email address plus class 3 level of identity assurance of person plus assurance of Organization existence

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Online Services Available:

  • National Bank – filing of company accounts and statistical online reporting
  • VENSOC – corporate tax declaration
  • DIMONA – employment declaration
  • DMFA – National Social Security Office declaration
  • ASR – social risk declaration
  • DMFAppl – National Social Security Office for local and provincial administration declaration
  • GOTOT – Use eBox, social security documents overseas temporary employment
  • BELCOTAX on Web

How to Get Your GlobalSign’s PersonalSign 3 Pro for Belgian Online Government Services:

  • 1

    Order your Certificate

  • 2

    Approve your order

  • 3

    Get authenticated with your local authority

  • 4

    Submit your documents to GlobalSign

  • 5

    Get your Certificate

The authentication process requires your physical presence at a local authority. This will depend on your location:

For Belgian Residents

You will need to take the appropriate documents to your local Chamber of Commerce.

For Dutch Residents

Please use the following contact details for more information on the next steps, which include on-site verification via your local Authority Agent:

Marktconcurrent B.V.
Tel.0031 6 2464 9267
(Mrs J. Noordemeer)

If you are resident of another country, please refer to your notary or lawyer. For full instructions on how to apply for a PersonalSign 3 Pro or explanations on the vetting process, please consult our User Guide.