FDA ESG Compliant Digital Certificates

GlobalSign provides compatible digital certificates for all your FDA needs. Whether you are using the standard FDA Electronic Submissions Gateway (ESG), WebTrader Hosted Solution (WTHS), AS2 account or need to secure your email communications to the FDA GlobalSign has you covered.

Digital Certificates for use with the FDA are used to encrypt documents in transmission and the FDA uses the Digital Certificate to verify the integrity of the document received from a specified source. The same digital certificate can be utilized to send secure encrypted email messages to the FDA and other external recipients.

GlobalSign has been providing digital certificates for the FDA for over 5 years since the original inception of the FDA ESG and is one of the worldwide leading Certificate Authorities. Choose GlobalSign for all your digital certificate needs.

Who Needs FDA ESG Digital Certificates?

Digital Certificates are required for submitting electronic documentation to the FDA Electronic Submissions Gateway. The digital certificate is used to encrypt documents for transmission as well as verify the identity of the company sending the document to the ESG.

The minimum requirement for a Digital Certificate for use with the FDA Electronic Submissions Gateway is a Personal Identification Certificate which GlobalSign brands as PersonalSign1 Certificate. GlobalSign also offers a higher assurance certificate (PersonalSign2Pro) that binds to the individual's name, company name and email.

Digital Certificates for use with:

  • FDA Electronic Submissions Gateway (ESG)
  • Applicability Statement (AS2) Server
  • Sending secure email to/from the FDA
  PersonalSign 1 PersonalSign 2 Pro
Digital Certificate Binds to: Email address only (joe.smith@abc.com) Email address, individual identity & company identity (Joe Smith, ABC Company, joe.smith@abc.com)
Meets ESG Requirements
Meets Secure Email Requirements
Support: Help Desk Ticket Only Email, phone, help desk ticket & live chat
Pricing 1 year:
Pricing 3 year: